Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Morning Market

My original plan today was to go strawberry picking ... but I decided to wait out the grey weather and go shopping. I love a good Farmer's Market and we've got a great one here in Mount Dora at the Renniger's twin markets. I've been to the antique market many times to pick up hardware and other odds & ends, but it had been awhile since I've been to the flea market side.

This is the king of all farmer's markets. A huge selection of fresh seafood, meats and fresh produce & plants including some from local farms. And of course, everything is such a bargain. I bought a pound of greenbeans for a dollar. My favorite vendor in the foodie section is someone I affectionately call "the local honey man." Henry Parker's Sweet Thing Honey Plantation of Eustis brings to the market a variety of honeys including Tupelo, Orange Blossom and local Wildflower which will be fantastic for taming my allergies.

Sprinkled throughout the market you'll find more than just the usual flea market trinkets. There is homemade fudge, fresh-baked breads, old-fashioned candies, exotic birds, crafts, furniture and antiques.

My only tip would be to bring some bags with you, sort of like the cloth re-usable grocery bags. I have a ton of these at home and was kicking myself for not bringing them. I ended up buying one of those little canvas bags with wheels for about $5.00 to save myself from dropping my newly purchased glass jars full of honey.


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