Sunday, January 6, 2008

Antiques & Espresso

I don't know what it is about the first of the year, but I just can't sit still. Having a head cold and being couped up the past couple of days had me bopping around the house today like a 5 year old on 3 shots of espresso and a bag of Oreos.

After meeting a good friend of mine for breakfast this morning and drinking a half a pot of coffee I probably didn't need, I zipped over to Rennigers Antique market to run an errand and start back on my "1st of the Year" to-do list. Okay, picture again a 5 year old on 3 shots of espresso and a bag of Oreos ... around antiques.

Rennigers is only open on the weekends, so I was really in a pinch to get over there today. This place is like a museum and I need to come back to it again when I've got more time and I'm in a more mellow mood. I was quite impressed that I could find a replacement for the broken screws on a circa 1930 glass doorknob. Can't exactly just go to your local giant home improvement store to find stuff like that now, can you?


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