Saturday, August 9, 2008

Our 100th Post!

I've been dragging my feet in postings last month ... not because there isn't anything to write about. On the contrary. I've got a bunch of stories in the pipeline ready to be released.

Notice the number that we've been on ... 99 posts ... this is our 100th!!! (Cheers, clapping, whistles, yahoos, applause ... thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!!)

I've been wanting to savor it and make it special. A celebration. And my big ambitious idea is taking a lot longer than planned ... a VIDEO BLOG! While we're still working on the V-Blog (and we promise to post more of those as we get the hang of it), here is something to celebrate.

The Top 100 Reasons to Love Mount Dora!

1) The spirit and friendliness people.
2) Walking around Donnelly Park and the fountain.
3) Our City Hall going "Green" with eco-friendly landscaping.
4) Gelato at The Village Coffee Pot.
5) Espresso at One Flight Up while watching people on Donnelly.
6) The Gingerbread style Donnelly House.
7) The History.
8) The ghosts nobody wants to talk about ... until they've had a glass of wine or two.
9) The fabulous pinot noir available nearly on every block downtown and several monthly wine tastings.
10) The Mount Dora Center for the Arts and the inspiration and culture they bring.
11) The fact that it's such a dog-friendly town. Visit the Dogs of Mount Dora.
12) In fact, my dog wants to give a "bark-out" to Piglet's Pantry for their yummy locally baked peanut butter treats
13) And another "bark-out" to Hobscott for their holistic dog food.
14) The wildlife. I've got a family of red-headed woodpeckers in our backyard and a pesky raccoon that likes to freak me out by turning on our motion detector lights in the wee hours of the morning. That prankster!
15) The many gorgeous views of the lake.
16) The calves I'm building walking uphill to my home from downtown.
17) The warm and fuzzy I get during Light Up Mount Dora.
18) Bringing a blanket and picnic to the Movie In The Park once a month.
19) Picking strawberries in the winter.
20) Getting lost in a corn maze in the fall.
21) Loosing my voice from screamin' scared at Parks & Rec's Haunted House.
22) Taking a carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights.
23) Watching the sailboats on the lake.
24) Guilt-free organic meals at 5th Avenue Cafe.
25) Pomegranate Martinis and playing trivia at Goblin Market.
26) Brian says, "Golf league on Thursdays!"
27) The true ability to live a "green" and eco-friendly lifestyle by walking downtown to eat, shop, go to the post office or other errands.
28) My eco-friendly friends at Aveda that tame my crazy curly hair.
29) A more relaxed, slower pace.
30) Quick access to the 429 and proximity to Orlando for when I want to speed things up a bit.
31) The unique craftsman style architecture of the homes.
32) Always running into someone I know with friendly smile and a wave hello.
33) Christmas shopping at the Craft Fair in October.
34) Kayaking the Dora Canal and pretending I'm in the movie African Queen with Humphry Bogart.
35) Antique shopping and hunting for a "treasure."
36) A bottle of Hoegaarden or a pint of Guinness at the Frosty Mug.
37) Cruising around Lake Dora with Captain Tim and spotting gators.
38) Donning a hat and having a Fancy "pinkie's up" high tea at the Garden Gate.
39) Traditional cottage pie and English Fare at the Windsor Rose.
40) Gourmet dinners once a month at the Adora Inn wine tastings.
41) Wine down Wednesday at Maggie's Attic.
42) Quarterly Art Strolls.
43) Finding live music and entertainment almost every weekend.
44) The Mount Dora Music Festival.
45) Pigging out at the Taste of Mount Dora.
46) Our resident fashionista and women's film guru at the Painter's Daughter.
47) Rubbing a blarney stone for luck at the Irish Corner.
48) Finding vibrant blue and purple skyvine everywhere.
49) Watching the sunset on the lake.
50) Enjoying a picnic and fireworks at the Old Fashioned 4th of July.
51) Satisfying my shoe fetish with comfortable shoes at Euro Donnelly Footwear. Call me a hippy ... but I got a pair for each day of the week.
52) Key Lime Lime Pie on a stick ... dipped in chocolate.
53) Throwing a hat on and walking down to breakfast at Chew Chew Express first thing in the morning.
54) Tree lined streets with 100 year old oaks and swaying spanish moss.
55) Creating my own pizza flavor at Pizza Amore ... but watch out for Brian's. He digs anchovies.
56) Skipping the rain and having a spontaneous Pedicures and wine at Synergy.
57) And of course, Ann's hot stone massage at Sole to work out all the and stress I hold in my back.
58) Local raw honey from the Honey Guy at Rennigers Twin Market
59) The many art gallery's to walk through and find inspiration.
60) The way the church bells chime on Sundays and fill the town with a melody.
61) All the best swimming holes, springs, and natural lazy rivers are just a short drive away. So,
I can just pack up my swim suit and a cooler and head out for an lunchtime break.
62) Playing with the monkeys at Amazing Exotics.
63) The trendy finds at A Delightful Occasion.
64) Walking down to the lake and feeding the ducks.
65) Green tea ice cream at Mount Dora sushi.
66) Rocking on the porch at the Lakeside Inn with a cocktail in hand.
67) Taking a country drive down to Yalaha Bakery for some fresh baked bread ... and sweet treats.
68) Stomping grapes with your bare feet during the Harvest Festival at Lakeridge Winery.
69) Jogging along Lakeshore Drive.
70) Grabbing a light sweater, thermos of hot cocoa, and some camp chairs to watch the lighted Christmas Boat Parade.
71) Finding the most perfect gift for our globe trotting traveler friends at The Drawer.
72) Singing along to some of my favorite tunes at The Retro.
73) Dancing in Donnelly Park under the stars.
74) Ordering a Kahlua & cream cupcake ... eating all the frosting first and then savoring the cake with some coffee.
75) Getting lost in a story at the Old Town Bookstore.

Okay, so the last 25 are things that I would love "to-do"
and so they are on my list ...

76) Ride a Segway.
77) Get my hands dirty and make some pottery at Yada Yada.
78) Go for a discovery flight at nearby Apopka airport.
79) Get creative with a painting class at the Center for the Arts.
80) Watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon.
81) Taking a fishing excursion with Captain Barry. But, then of course, there is the whole getting the bait on the hook part that I've got to get over.
82) Learning to cook a gourmet meal with my Innkeeper friends at Inn Good Taste.
83) Explore the Austin Carriage Museum.
84) Hot roddin' at the Museum of Speed.
85) Shakin' it at a belly dancing class at Yoga Central.
86) Jog in the Mount Dora 4 Miler.
87) Create my own holiday cards at the Stamping Station.
88) Dust off my clubs, get some fresh air and play a round of golf.
89) Learn to scuba and C & N Divers.
90) Take horseback riding lessons.
91) Learn to make my own wine at Ridgeback Winery.
92) Visit the Royellou Museum.
93) Attend one of Patrick's Fine Art Thomas Kinkade Highlighting events.
94) Start a new garden in my backyard during the Plant & Garden Fair.
95) Play tennis in Donnelly Park.
96) Take a Lawn Bowling lesson.
97) Taste the new flavors of Gelato the Village Coffee Pot.
98) Sing Karaoke at Retro ... maybe! After a glass of wine. Or two.
99) Learn to sail.
100) Continue to have a fabulous time meeting new neighbors and visitors of Mount Dora!

Tell us what you LOVE about Mount Dora! Post your comment below.



Megan said...

I live in Mount Dora...and I must say I have not tried some of your top reasons. Cute blog!

Anonymous said...

Loved all your comments about places to go and what to do in and around Mt. Dora. However, I am sure you know there are only TWO wineries in ALL of Lake County and ONE of them is right here in good ol' Mt. Dora. How about a visit to the one and only, Ridgeback Winery?! We offer award-winning wines (34 in International Wine Tastings) and came in as one of the top five wine shops in WESH's A-List. So how about it?
Ellie Thompson, Ridgeback Winery