Monday, July 7, 2008

Red, White & Blue Weekend

OMG! For slow summer days, it does seem like the season is going by pretty fast! I can't believe we're already in the second week of July.

You can tell it' s an election year since our Independence Day parade was speckled with political floats and advertisements. But I guess I can appreciate that people are getting involved in government and embracing their red, white & blue!

Good friends, BBQ, and frozen strawberry lemonade followed the morning parade festivities and ended with a big BANG at our town's fireworks over the lake at dusk. As we strolled back home a couple of blocks up the hill, we passed countless non-city dwellers waiting impatiently in their cars following the mass exodus after the fireworks and I was reminded again how lucky I am to live downtown where walking home after an event is the norm.


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