Monday, February 11, 2008

Iced Tea & Sunshine

I know it's cliche to talk about the weather ... but it's been absolutely GORGEOUS the past few days! Perfect blue-sky, cool weather, low-humidity Chamber of Commerce type of weather. Even though it's mundane Monday and the office to-do list is high, we just had to sneak out for lunch to a place where we can enjoy the outdoors.

We found ourselves on the deck at Pisces Rising under a shade umbrella with a fantastic lakeview. After a big bowl of southern-style seafood gumbo to warm us up, we sipped on a couple of bottles of iced tea with a notepad in hand while we "pretended" to work. Only so we didn't feel guilty about enjoying the day.

Cheers from Pisces Rising!

Brian & Rachelle


Anonymous said...

The Servers Stinks The out side bar is so slow you could walk some were else and get a drink still be back befor the bartender will look at you was the best place in mt dora 3 years agaio what happend

Anonymous said...

I just moved from Miami to Central Florida...I love Pisces Rising, The view is AMAZING , the food is super good and to top it off the service was quick and friendly. I will most likely visit again and again and again and again! Oh yeah and a MAJOR plus for them is I had a WiFi connection!