Monday, February 11, 2008

Eco-Friendly Bling

With so many "rewards" programs out there these days, it makes a person a little skeptical about receiving anything of value as a "thank you" for using a certain credit card, service or product. Which is why I was quite surprised when I received my Aveda Pure Privilege points reward today in the mail.

I've been getting my hair cut, colored and coiffed at our local Aveda salon now for the past two years because I love the product, their service is fantastic and they support the environment. When I recently checked my rewards statement I noticed that I had accumulated enough points to order some jewelry from their catalog and still have a ton of points left over. The thought of "free" jewelry did not set expectations very high. But what the heck ... it's free and it's eco-friendly.

When I opened my little package today from Aveda I was VERY IMPRESSED ... as well as excited, giddy, thrilled, etc. etc. etc. I had received a bracelet made my Smart Glass from recycled Aveda product bottles. It's high quality, silver, hand crafted and totally cool. All I can say is what a great way to win a girl's loyalty ... through some eco-friendly bling bling. Kudos to Aveda. Pure Privilege indeed.


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