Friday, October 31, 2008

Mount Dora's 1st Ghost Tour

Whaaaa-hoooo! I have been wishing for a ghost tour of Mount Dora ever since I moved here. I had been on walking ghost tours of Wilmington, Savannah and St. Augustine and after reading about about the history of our town, the cast of characters that our streets are named after, the old buildings creaking with stories ... I just knew we had the right ingredients to have one of our own.

This year, the Mount Dora Historical Society has put together a candle-lit lantern walking tour of the history and ghosts of Mount Dora. Brian and I did the Abbey Road stroll along the tour last night for a little Halloween's Eve thrill.

The Historical Society has done a fantastic job putting this together. The fun and spirited walk starts with a haunted house style tour of the old city jail and a creepy marionette show. Then a ghostly guide walks you through the streets, alleys and haunted basements of Mount Dora while telling the tales of past residents and visitors.

While the guide kept things fun and light (for those that spook easily), there were a couple of people on the tour with EMF meters reading electromagnetic activity ... or ghosts. A couple of vacant hallways and corners of restaurants had some pretty high readings. If that doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, then keep looking over your shoulder for the fiddler and a neon hearse with the Halloween theme song playing. The evening ended with hot coffee and sweets at the old city jail.

Check with the Mount Dora Historical Society at for tickets and tour times. They may be sold out ... so call ahead!

Happy Halloween!


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Alex said...

So glad to read that you enjoyed yourself on the ghost walk! :>

I was one of the tour guides, and we were all so pleased at the great people who decided to participate. Look out for the Christmas-themed walks this month: .