Friday, October 3, 2008

One Drop At A Time

The City of Mount Dora recently has been rolling out a lot of positive effort toward saving a limited resource ... water. Recently I attend a workshop hosted by the water department where they talked about saving water for your lawn and garden through the use of rain barrels. It was informative, fun, and an outlet for the kindergartner in me to paint a new lawn ornament.

Now the City is promoting an educational program with local restaurants. Did you know it takes eight glasses of water to clean one water glass? I sure didn't. That is 64 ounces per 1 glass of water. Saving a mere 8 ounces at a time may seem small ... but I wonder what that would be multiplied by the number of people dining out? Should we then just drink soda straight from the can or wine straight from the bottle!? Whether or not ordering a glass of water with your meal actually conserves water use, I think it is good to get people thinking and talking about saving water.

For some weird reason, this all reminds me of my trip to Italy last year where I was having pizza and the waiter asked if I wanted my water "with gas." Ah, em ... excuse me? With gas? Am I on Italy's funniest home videos? I'm glad in the US the term is classed up a bit with the term "sparkling." But it all just makes for good conversation about bottled water ... as long as you recycle.

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