Monday, September 3, 2012

Windsor Rose Restaurant & Tea Room in downtown Mount Dora

Windsor Rose Restaurant & Tea Room; The Big Breakfast, Tea and events in the heart of Mount Dora.
British flags side by side with Old Glory point the way, the white building as at home here in Mount Dora as it would be in the British countryside, with an atmosphere of gentle goodness and cozy warmth that welcomes you into a special feeling of home.
Greeted by a British butler – of sorts – you find yourself inside a charming setting of part restaurant and tearoom, part store, part favorite aunt’s home. There is something special here, like a living room in a British home, where you’re instantly at ease and ready to relax and enjoy.

Tables throughout allow for varying sized parties, as shelves line one wall with a range of choices, from teas to teapots, cookies to sauces. You can bring home the flavors of England, or simply enjoy them here.
Have no fear: those who are not sure they’ll like British fare are ok as American is offered as well. Choose either side of the pond for your culinary experience.
We partook of the Big Breakfast, offered Saturdays and Sundays only at present, though lunch and Tea are offered throughout the entire week.
Enjoy the atmosphere, relax as you study the photos throughout, images of her Majesty the Queen, and those of her family, an extended history of the modern royals as you’ve likely never seen them. From the Queen’s Great-Grandparents through her grandchildren, William, Harry, and Katherine, you’re sure to find yourself staring at the array of images as much or more as the faces of those in your party. 
Food portions are good, solid and hearty, with a number of items to choose from. The BigBreakfast menu is a bit smaller than lunch, but by no means did that make it easier to choose.
Each at our table partook of something different with all enjoying immensely their choice. Juice, tea or Champaign mimosa adds to the meal. The ever subtle, but present formality of the British is here, with crisp black and white uniforms that to most Americans will likely feel more like a costume than proper serving attire, but this merely adds to the experience.
This isn’t the kind of place you want to rush through your meal, but linger, enjoy and savor.
Open for meals such as the Big Breakfast (weekends), tea and lunch (throughout the week), additionally Windsor Rose also offers a range of events from which to choose and enjoy their hospitality. Speak with them about your own event as well.
For a taste of England in the heart of Florida, enjoy the Windsor Rose Tea Room & Restaurant in Mount Dora.  For a limited time enjoy the Windsor Rose Big Breakfast with this coupon offering 10% off.  See below.
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