Thursday, September 27, 2012

Starbrite Musical Productions Presents: "Doors Alive" in Mount Dora, FL.

American Rock Band "Doors Alive" Florida Tour is coming to Mount Dora!

Tickets available online NOW at
$15 in advance ($20 at the door) - $25 for VIP

DOORS ALIVE-A Musical Trip!

Over five years ago a group of top musicians were contacted and asked to join what was to become the number one “American Rock Band”. From Los Angeles, Vegas, Chicago and New York they became “DOORS ALIVE” managed by the Universal Studios based Starbrite Musical Productions. DOORS ALIVE is a group dedicated to delivering the most accurate recreation of a live Doors performance that you’ve ever seen. This is not a “wanna be dress up band” but a band that recreates the original recording studio sounds of the Doors from the dramatic to the eerie, the jazz influences to straight up rock & roll. The years of experience are obvious as the band takes control of the room whether it’s a Casino venue or concert arena! If you’re looking for a boy band, best you buy a video! DOORS ALIVE is all about the music! DOORS ALIVE is a must see for any fan of the original group, longing for the days gone by or the music lover intrigued by the mystique that made Jim Morrison and the Doors one of the greatest “rock bands in history”.. THE CEREMONY IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!


Vocalist and Harmonica player Dirk Gilbert captures the sounds of Jim Morrison, he may not be Hollywood handsome like Jim but he captures Jim’s rockin, moody and absolute out of control style and stage presence… Larry Kayne’s dynamic and tasteful guitar work delivers the tone and feel of Robbie Krieger from jazzy chord voicings to mesmerizing extended solos…  Mark E. Sparks masterful keyboard piano and organ work is authentic, dark moody and psychedelic… Michael Sean White’s drumming blends rock, jazz and blues pounding out precise rhythms like John Densmore in his prime! To stay true to the original studio recordings..  the addition of multi instrumentalist Jimmy Ellis on bass solidifies the “foundation of DOORS ALIVE.” 

Mount Dora Community Building Theatre ..        Saturday January 12     7 PM

$15.00 General admission $25.00 meet & greet Tickets: - or the

Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce..                           Starbrite Musical Productions

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