Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our "girl" on The Dogs of Mount Dora website.

Most beloved breed in Japan

Soyala (Allie). Shiba Inu. Almost 3 years old

Her name is Soyala, the Hopi Indian word for the winter solstice which falls on December 21, the day Brian and Rachelle got her. They call her Allie for short. Each day when Brian and Rachelle arrive home, Allie begins to yodel. She’s a walker, as long as it’s flat. Come to a hill, and she insists on being carried up. Allie’s favorite toy is a soccer ball which she’ll jump high in the air to catch. When it’s time to rest, she snuggles up on their pillows. Favorite food: peanut butter and carrots. 2006 is the Japanese Year of the Dog and this year’s dog is a Shiba Inu, just like Allie.

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Rachelle & Brian

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