Friday, December 12, 2008

MBT, The anti-shoe

I know they look a bit like Moon boots or some other science fiction related gear but they are actually the latest in shoe technology. They are called MBTs which is an acronym for Masai Barefoot Technology. Essentially the shoe is supposed to force the foot to mimic the action of walking on a natural surface such as beach sand. It does a lot more than that and upon purchase of my MBTs I received a companion DVD full of information.

I went to Euro Donnelly Footwear in Downtown to meet the MBT trainer that came to educate shoe owners about the benefits. She walked with me around Donnelly Park and had me do several exercises along the way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the shoe. Just learning to walk in a pair of MBTs is challenge enough but try standing on one leg in a pair of shoes that act like a rocking chair with the other leg stretched out behind as you bend forward, all while facing downhill.

Normally retailing for nearly $300.00 the shoes are currently on sale for nearly half that. Get on down to Euro Donnelly Footwear and test drive a pair of these and see for yourself the benefits. I actually find them quite stylish now that I have been wearing them. Or maybe I am just kidding myself? Brian

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Anonymous said...

i think a bare foot walk on the beach sounds better...and cheaper.
funny how we are always trying to recreate the simplist of things...any shoe that needs a trainer is too complicated for me!