Monday, September 29, 2008

Think Thin

My nutritionist, dear friend, and Mount Dora local, Candace, has just published a book in collaboration with her son, Max. That his him on the front cover. Eh, hem. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
"We are a fast growing and enterprising LLC with a group of extremely health minded people. This past weekend we enjoyed a very successful book launch. Lots of good friends participated ... Thank you for your support!" -- Candace

The title asks, "How Much Fat Are You Carrying?" Not a comfortable question right before the holidays, but an important one. This is not another book about dieting or loosing weight, it's about changing your lifestyle. You may think, "sure, that's easy if you have a lifestyle conducive to working out several hours a day and a personal chef." Nuh uh! Max keeps his healthy physique despite having the hectic, multi-time-zone schedule and limited food options of an airline pilot.

Wanna know his secret? Read an excerpt from the book and find out more at Destination Health Plus.

There will also be another fun and informative meet & greet with Candace sponsored by Tavares Library Civic Center on November 6th at 7 PM.


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