Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm H2O Intolerant

So I had to try out my new steady sticks wine glass holders during a little impromptu picnic in the park dinner. I picked these up months ago at Whispering Winds and tonight was my first opportunity to use them. I pulled them out of the basket and "first you were all like "whoa," and we were like "whoa," and you were like "whoa ..." These things are gnarly dude! You stick them in the ground and they cradle your wine glass with no spillage!

So we kicked back and relaxed on a blanket while noshing and watching this month's movie in the park, Finding Nemo.

Aaah ... 78 degrees with a cool breeze .... nearly a full moon shining with Jupiter and Venus sparkling near by ... the local high school football marching band drumming faintly in the background ... it's finally starting to feel a little like Fall!


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Anonymous said...

the open container law doesnt apply @ the city park? how interesting? i didn't know that:)