Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fresh Perspective

I've had the wonderful opportunity to be a tourist in my own backyard this week in a much different way then the day trips I've been taking and blogging about this year. I was invited along with the rest of the team to spend the night at two of our town's distinguished b&b's; The Grandview and the Mount Dora Historic Inn.

At first I thought it might be strange sleeping only three blocks away from my home, but what a fresh perspective it gave me. I think we sometimes get stuck in similar routines and schedules and we loose that first pure outlook that we have when we first visit a place that we've never explored before.

To make the experience well-rounded, we walked around town doing what visitors usually do, all the while I was trying to avoid being lured like a magnet back to my home and office where a ton of work waited for me on my desk. After all, I'm supposed to be "vacationing" in my hometown, right?

We had lunch, went shopping, got caught in a rainstorm and popped in for a spontaneous waiting-out-the rain pedicure. It was nice being welcomed in without an appointment.

The pedicure we had a Synergy Salon & Spa was the experience that finally tipped me over the edge into vacation-mode. Their pampering and waiting on us hand and foot (no pun intended) finally allowed me to relax.

After doing some new things in town and spending extended time with fellow innkeepers Mel & Andy and Jim & Ana, I fell in love with Mount Dora all over again.

Stay tuned for our in-depth stories about The Grandview and Mount Dora Historic Inn featured on the Innkeepers Blog: InnSide Story. To be posted soon!


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