Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, Kashi's stock is going to experience a slight decline as fewer frozen pizzas will be sold in this neighborhood. There's a new pizza place in town. It's not "Pizza More," but Pizza Amore! Better said with your fingertips pressing your thumb and gesturing in the air like a true New York Italian.

5th Avenue Cafe owner, Leigh Love, has transformed the coffee shop portion of her restaurant into a pizza parlor. The 5th Avenue Cafe is still OPEN with no fewer tables and all of your award winning favorites. But now next door, in addition to cappuccinos and lattes, you can order up a fresh slice of pizza and a bucket of beer.

The ingredients at PizzAmore follow the same recipe as it's sister restaurant 5th Avenue Cafe. ... all fresh. Even the dough is hand made by Chef Jesse.
"Great tasting bread is how this whole venture got started," says Leigh Love. "We were not satisfied with the breads we were purchasing, so Jesse started experimenting with baking fresh bread. His playing in the kitchen resulted in a fabulous rosemary focaccia and I asked if he could try making a pizza with it. Voila. PizzAmore was born!"
I had the opportunity to try several of their specialty pizzas during a private tasting this evening and I have to say they're ALL my favorite. I can't pick just one. The Chicken Alfredo pizza is unique and very tasty. The Vesuvio pizza with fresh spinach, feta and garlic and the Margarita pizza with its fresh basil and tomatoes are both a classic choice.

If you would like to make your own pizza creation, there is a long list of toppings to choose from including a few gourmet choices such as goat cheese, artichokes and fresh grilled chicken. There was an EVOO topping I had to ask about. Turns out to be an old favorite of mine. It's text-message speak for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Soon there will also be wheat and gluten free choices added to the selection. Brian proved that there is something for everybody when he went a little crazy and ordered up a ham, pineapple and anchovy pizza. I wrinkled my nose at his choice ... until I tasted it!

Salads, pastas, desserts and you-can't-eat-just-one garlic knots are also on the menu. I can't wait until the next Movie In The Park where I can just walk over and order a pizza and a bottle of wine to bring back to my blanket.

PizzAmore officially opens this Friday, June 20th. Take-out or dine-in this Friday night. Delivery will also be available to residents & businesses located in Downtown Mount Dora.


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