Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Day In The Life of an Innkeeper

You ever heard of the website They basically sell inspiration and instructions on how to break away from your daily grind and land your dream job offering an assortment of careers including that of a Writer, Artist, Animal Trainer, Travel Consultant, Life Coach, Interior Decorator, Head Chef or Innkeeper. The Innkeeper job could actually encompass all of those listed above. I know from experience. Okay, maybe not so much the animal trainer. I'll just leave that one alone.

I can't tell you how many people have told me they dream of owning a bed & breakfast someday. Trading in their corporate 9 to 5 for a casual lifestyle filled with leisure and hospitality. A schedule focused around good food and good people. Cuisine & conversation. An opportunity to pursue their favorite hobbies ... from gardening to furniture making, cooking to crafts, collecting art or making art, and mostly entertaining and making new friends.

I traded in my power pumps for flip flops 3 years ago when I left my high tower job in Orlando to move to Mount Dora and purchase the Tremain Street Cottages. I've never looked back. We've made some lifelong friends with fellow business owners in this town. And now the Innkeepers of Mount Dora have formed a group and created a new blog to give an "Innside" view of what it is like to be an innkeeper. From loads of laundry, to lazy times sipping wine on the front porch, cool recipes, community events, and spicing up the kitchen, I think you'll find it very interesting. Check it out at Innside Story.


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