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29th Annual Mount Dora Fall Craft Fair, 2013 - Parking and Shuttle Information for the Public

Saturday & Sunday, October 26 & 27, 2013, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m daily

For GPS use 510 N. Baker St., Mount Dora, FL  32757

Parking at the Mount Dora Craft Fair

Additional transportation/parking:

a. Town Parking:

· Local Churches, Banks & private homes will offer parking spaces in the area within a block or    two of the event area.

· These locals typically charge $5 - $10 to park

* First National Bank of Mount Dora (7th Ave. & Donnelly St.) Click Here for a Map  

* United Methodist Church Parking Area (5th Ave. & Grandview St.) Click Here for a Map

* First Presbyterian Church of Mount Dora (6th Ave. & Alexander St.) Click Here for a Map

Drive the streets around the event area to locate Mount Dora citizens offering parking.

Limited free street parking is available for those that get to town early enough. This parking is available north of 6th Avenue all the way out to 12th Avenue.  Click Here for Area Map of Streets for Parking

 b. Handicap Parking with Proper Credentials:

* Free Handicap Parking in the Mount Dora City Hall Parking Lot (Tremain St. & 5th Ave.) Click Here for a Map

* Free Handicap Parking between 4th Ave. & 3rd Ave. on Baker St. Click Here for a Map

* Paid Handicap Parking Lot on the corner of 5th Ave. & Alexander St. Click Here for a Map

Craft Fair Shuttle Information/General Parking

1. Mount Dora High School Parking Lot (click for map)

-  Bus/Shuttle Service to event area

- Town Drop-off is at Tremain & Fifth Avenue

- Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm (1/2 hour after close of show)

- Large Parking Lot (4 to 5 block walk to the event area)

- Will have 3 - 4 busses running at all times. Busses will fill and go.

2. Golden Triangle Shopping Center – (click for map) Golden Triangle on Old hwy 441

- Town Drop-off is at Alexander & Fifth Avenue

- Time 9:30am – 5:00 pm

- Smaller lot –

- The LAST bus will leave the event area to the parking lot at 5pm

3. Christian Home & Bible School  (click for map) 301 West 13th Avenue

Mount Dora, FL (by cemetery)

- Town Drop-off is at Donnelly & 7th Ave (by post office)

- Fairly quick turnaround – travel time = 6 -7 minutes from school to post office

4. Ice House Theater Unser (click for map) & 11th Ave

- Town Drop-off is also at Tremain & Fifth Avenue

- They typically use Waterman Village shuttles donated by FL Waterman Hospital

- Only 2 shuttles

All shuttles & locations above are the only authorized shuttles for this event.

All shuttles cost $5 for roundtrip

Multiple signs will be posted at pickup & drop off locations. Please be sure to board

the correct bus or shuttle.

Strollers are ok on the shuttles

No dogs unless they are service dogs. No dogs are allowed within the Craft Fair area.

This post was written by regular contributor, Rori Paul. Rori is a travel writer and blogger.

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