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Foxie Artist Productions Presents a Mixed Media Weekend Retreat at the Historic Lakeside Inn

Contact:  Heather Earnest: or Call 407-310-7692 or visit

Join us for an artist retreat in beautiful Mount Dora featuring four top-notch artists from around the country.
When: January 27, 28th and 29th at the historic Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora, FL

DAY #1
Friday, January 27th from 9am to 4pm join renowned artist Jo Fitsell from Denver Colorado.

Class #1:  Marbling with Jo Fitsell
Description of Class:  Art of Marble Dyeing Fabric, Cost is $125.00 per person
Click Here to Register :  Art of Marble Dyeing Fabric with Jo Fitsell

Marbling is an ancient technique remastered and made easier by teacher, Jo Fitsell.  Students will play with color by floating paints on the surface of thickened water and then picking up the paint with either fabric or paper.  You will be amazed at how quickly the intense colors transfer and the pure joy of spontaneously creating!  Students leave this workshop with yards of finished fabric suitable for collage, quilting or clothing.

Class is only $125.00 per person, register online.  Better hurry, only 20 students will be allowed in the class.  Click Here to register:  Jo Fitsell Marbling Class


DAY #2 and #3
Saturday and Sunday, Janaury 28th and 29th from 9am to 3pm we offer a choice of three classes brought to you by three well known artists:

Class #2: Mixed Media Collage by Jean Haefele - Saturday and Sunday, January 28th and 29th from 9am to 4pm.
Description of Class: Mixed Media Collage, Cost is $200.00 per person
Click Here to Register :  Jean Haefele Mixed Media Collage

Express your vision and develop your own artistic style with the limitless possibilities of mixed media. Combine and alter, everday paper and objects, natural aterials, and paint to create unique, one of a kind, representational and abstract artwork. We will discuss getting ideas, the selection and use of materials, color, texture, and patterns, composition and how to bring these elements together in a coherent way. We will view several artists work to illustrate the varied and individual results.

The class will offer hands-on learning and exersises on preparing backgrounds, composition layout, several "magic" techniques for altering everday papers, applying the materials, combining paint and, lastly, some toning and finishing methods to unify and complete a work. Individual attention will be given wherever possible and the student should be able to complete several pieces.

Supply List

Surfaces: 4-6 total. Canvas board, illustration board, heavy watercolor paper (your choice or a combination) Suggested sizes; 6x9, 9x12, 12x12.
A few practice sheets for experimentation.
Brushes: A 1" flat and a few of your favorites
Paint: 2 oz. or larger Golden or Liquitex Fluid Acrylics, include Titanium White or Titan Buff, Black, and a few others in transparent hues.
A small selection of craft acrylics (good for more opaque colors)
Additional: Matte medium, gesso, soft gel
3 or 4 Caran d'Ache Neocolor II water color soluble crayons (I love light blue, orange, red 7500.070 and black)
Paint palette, water bucket, Viva paper towels, at least a 12" ruler, pencil, scissors, old credit card
4 or 5 sheets of tracing paper
White tissue paper
An assortment of rice, handmade textured papers, and used dried tea bags
Enlarged photo copies of your favorite photo image (eg. I photocopied my image of African women to use along with handblocked fabric
scraps found on the ground in Ghana to use in a 12 x 12 piece...Images were enlarged to about 8 1/2" in order to fill the space nicely)
National Geographics, 1990's work best
Visual ideas to work with: birds, animals, people, flowers, leaves,etc....whatever interests you.
Misc. stash: Found papers, rusted metals, ephemera, magazines, old books, foreign text, old postage stamps, print origami paper, foreign paper money,
old letters. This list can go on and on. You'll find that the more you work in mixed media, the more you accumulate.
"road ditch " finds are already weathered and have a patina hard to achieve...corrugated cardboard, wrappers, genuine rubble. One can always
throw it out later.


DAY #2 and #3
Saturday and Sunday, Janaury 28th and 29th from 9am to 3pm we offer a choice of three classes brought to you by three well known artists:

Class #3: Encaustic Workshop with Patricia Seggebruch - Saturday and Sunday, January 28th and 29th from 9am to 4pm.
Description of Class:  Encaustic Workshop, Cost is $240.00 per person
Click Here to Register :  Encaustic Workshop with Patricia Seggebruch

Come play in beeswax! Encaustic Workshop
Join us in this extravaganza in beeswax!  Experience the joy and versatility of this rich, organic medium as Patricia teaches you the core encaustic techniques such as collage, image transfer and incising so that you will be primed to build on these with all of the endless possibility in the medium.
The diversity of this medium offers the artist opportunity to include all mediums and build on skills related to other creative outlets like no other medium can. You will want to be doing everything encaustic! Delving into alternative foundations and materials like plaster, tar, woodicing, PanPastel and alcohol inks and shellac will happen as well~
Demonstration and hands on painting and experimenting is what this workshop is all about.  With amply time to play in the wax, ask questions and develop a strong sense on what is possible in the medium, no one will go away without a fever for encaustic!  
Supply list 
While the main body of encaustic painting is based on beeswax, much can go into it!  I will supply the wax, encaustic colors and the heating materials for use with encaustic so that you do not have to be concerned with investing in materials before you know what it’s all about!  I also bring a small selection of collage materials and carving tools but you will have to bring your personality as well! That is, collect collage material, interesting carving tools or objects to press into the wax that will leave an interesting impression, image or photo transfers and what ever other ephemera you want to throw into the wax! 
($10.00 supply fee/day) 

Supplies to bring:

Surfaces to paint on-encaustic needs a rigid and absorbent surface- encausticbord or unprimed, birch art panels or plywood is recommended-no larger than 8x10 (6-10 total)

Paper towel

Wax paper for wrapping completed painting for transportation

Latex or rubber gloves 

Things to bring to personalize if you have them! Class materials for these will be available otherwise~

Carving tools

Razor blades, scrapers, palette knives, pottery tools, cookie cutters-any metal that will cut into or carve the wax

Impression makers

            Screen, hardware, natural materials, scrapbooking stuff

Collage material

            Old paintings, decorative papers, fabric, yarn, string, wire, beads

Image transfers

                        zerox copied images of photos, numbers, words       

(Be sure in using words/numbers that you print off in reverse image-this is necessary for the transfer. Also, the copy must be a zerox copy or a laser printer image, not ink jet-copy your ink jet images) black and white or color-bring both

Oil bar or oil paint

Found objects or natural elements (rusty metal, dried leaves, sticks, cones, wire)


DAY #2 and #3
Saturday and Sunday, Janaury 28th and 29th from 9am to 3pm we offer a choice of three classes brought to you by three well known artists:

Class #3: Fused Art Collage with Frieda Anderson - Saturday and Sunday, January 28th and 29th from 9am to 4pm.
Description of Class:  Fused Art Collage, Cost is $200.00 per person
Click Here to Register :  Fused Art Collage with Frieda Anderson

Fusing allows and encourages freedom in designing quilts. In this two day class, students will learn fusing basics and beyond to become competent and happy fusers. Strip fusing, collage building, weaving, layering and the use of decorative blades are just a few of the techniques students will explore in this fun and liberating class.
Day one – Little Landscapes: Using Frieda’s pattern Sister Trees; students will explore the possibilities of working from a design and making it their own.
Day two – Laughing Leaves; Starting with a color scheme of their choice, students will discover how to create free form a theme from nature or an abstract design.
Fabric kit available for each class $24 ea. Consisting of 1 yard total of Frieda’s hand dyed fabrics.
Other fabrics and decorative blades will be available for sale.
Supply list:
·         4-6 yards of fusible web WonderUnder #805 is preferred
·         Rotary mat, ruler and cutter
·         Extra cutter to hold decorative blades
·         Very sharp scissors
·         Ironing surface and iron
·         Fabrics that have been prewashed in a rainbow of colors the student wishes to work  in OR a much easier choice Frieda’s kit

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