Monday, June 1, 2009

Mount Dora Village Merchant's & Business Association Dora Dollar program!

The first winner in the drawing for the $100.00 Mount Dora Village Merchant & Business Association "Dora Dollars" was Merchant Association member George Gregory from Memories & Marvels. I asked George what he did with the $100.00 over the weekend and he replied;

"We had a delicious dinner at the Beauclaire Dinning Room at the Lakeside Inn. With the remaining dollars we bought coupons at the Big Twist so that our nine grand kids can experience his delicious premium soft serve ice cream."

The "Dora Dollar" program was created by the Mount Dora Village Merchant's & Business Association to entice members and potential members of the association to attend the monthly meeting. It is also intended to create awareness of local shopping and dining opportunities amongst Merchant members.

The Dollars are won in a drawing of business cards from a bowl at the meeting. For your chance to win the $100.00 "Dora Dollars" plan on attending the next monthly meeting of the Mount Dora Village Merchant's & Business Association. The meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at the Donnelly House (Masonic Temple) at 5:30pm. Come at 5:00pm and enjoy refreshments from Merchant member restaurants while networking with members and guests.

See you at the meeting.



Anonymous said...
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What To Do In Mount Dora said...
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Rachelle said...

I think the Dora Dollars program is great! It encourages shopping local. I think visitors as well as locals enjoy the blog ... so why not?

Anonymous said...

Problem being---this particular "Dora Dollars" program is NOT geared toward visitors--it is for member merchants ONLY! Again, why would the casual visitor to Mt. Dora care about something a merchant has won? How does that encourage that visitor to shop in Mt. Dora? Sure the blog might be entertaining, but, from the standoint of the visitor, it doesn't seem to encourage local shopping by visitors!

Rachelle said...

Why wouldn't you care what a local merchant has won? I think it peer-to-peer recognition is great and reading about makes me smile.

The Dora Dollars program is being Beta tested by the MDVMBA for working out the kinks with ease of distribution and redeeming dollars for potential offering to visitors.

In addition, the post shares and describes a local business owner's experience shopping and dining downtown ... I've actually never had Ice Cream at the Big Twist, but now I'm interested in trying it.

If I were a visitor, I would be much more excited about the $600 give-away weekend that the Merchants are offering. Take a look at that and enter!

In addition to the many out-of-town readers and visitors, we also have a lot of locals that read and contribute the to blog and I think it's nice for them to see the Merchants working together and using the Dora Dollars program for peer-to-peer recognition.