Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mount Dora Village Merchant's & Business Association kicks off it's "Dora Dollars" program this week!

It might look like "funny money" but any participating Downtown business will gladly accept it after Wednesday. In an effort to stimulate interest in "Shopping Local" the Merchant's Assn. has created a program for it's members and prospective members that will reward attendance at the regular monthly membership meeting.

A drawing will be held at each monthly meeting and the winner will receive $100.00 "Dora Dollars" to spend in any participating Downtown business. The catch is you must be present at the meeting to win and you must spend the "Dora Dollars" by the end of the weekend. The $100.00 dollars will be in increments of $10.00. No change will be provided which will encourage the Dora Dollar holder to spend all of the money.

This is the first step in a new awareness campaign the Merchant's Assn. is launching to enourage "shopping local" Stay tuned for more details which will lead to more savings for everyone.

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