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The Wine & Beer Clubs of Maggie’s Attic; Bring the flavor-filled fun home...

Step from the white-washed, sunny, Florida day into the rich welcome of Maggie’s Attic and know that you may be entering a room filled with strangers, but by the time you leave, you’re waving good-bye to friends. Maggie’s Attic is a smooth and tasty, friend-filled experience and now you can bring a sip of Maggie’s Attic home with you.

The Wine and Beer Clubs of Maggie’s Attic serve up some of the world’s most fantastic wines and beers, all shipped to your home so you can create some of the Maggie’s Magic right in your own sanctuary.

Choose from four options: Two Wine Clubs, One Beer Society or One Split Club.

Offering the palate a choice, Maggie’s lets you choose from; Maggie’s Wine Club where you’ll enjoy two wines chosen specially each month, enjoying your pick from two reds, two whites or one each.

Maggie’s Gold Club tips the bottle a little higher for those who enjoy very fine wines. Each month you’ll enjoy either two upper tier or one high-end bottle.

Maggie’s Beer Society is for those who enjoy the brews, offering members each month two different 750-ml beer selected from micro brews and special seasonal brews from around the world.

Maggie’s Split Club members enjoy one bottle of 750ml beer and one bottle of Maggie’s wine. For those couples who have an individual flair while tripping the light fantastic together.

The Wine and Beer Clubs do require a minimum three month commitment, and longer options are available, but you’ll settle into a warm and rich routine as each month your new selection arrives: plan a date night, hit the beach, or settle by the fire. However you enjoy your Maggie’s Wine and Beer Club selection is as diverse and personal as you are.

Know a special-someone who might enjoy this tasty adult beverage treat? Send them a Wine of Beer Club Gift.

For those of us who are in Central Florida, on vacation, a getaway, business, or because we call our Florida-paradise home, Maggie’s Attic is easily gotten to in Central Florida. Roughly 45 minutes from Walt Disney World, Maggie’s is the perfect adult escape in a perfect adult escape town - Mount Dora, Florida.

Stop by for a glass, visit during one of each month’s two wine tastings or one beer tasting event held on Saturday evenings, or plan an event at Maggie’s Attic and share the wealth with all your friends, family and colleagues. Maggie’s has something for most everyone.

To learn more about Maggie’s Attic, their Wine and Beer Clubs or the monthly events, visit Maggie’s Attic online or call them at 352-383-5451 and indulge your adult privilege with some of Maggie’s Attic finest.

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